Loveland, Colorado, is well-known for its creativity. Our local community consists of creative individuals who stretch their creative wings against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Our town is home to enterprising entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists - all of whom express themselves through various disciplines.

The Loveland Creative District (LCD) was officially formed in December of 2019 and is uniquely qualified to connect and support creative industries as a driver of economic opportunity and overall quality of life in our community in the following areas:
• Increased economic impact benefiting Loveland
• More connected and vibrant downtown experience
• Easier access to creatives, artists and artisans via our website
• Sense of place that creates energy, interest, and engagement

The Loveland Creative District (LCD) values and welcomes inclusive community engagement, which inspires innovation, elevates the quality of life, and delivers meaningful experiences for locals and visitors. Its loose boundaries include the walkable downtown corridor as well as foundries and sculpture parks. The downtown corridor is home to a diverse mix of creatives and businesses.

The LCD organization provides broad access to our online creative community database, as well as information regarding upcoming grant opportunities, RFPs and Calls for Artists. Our goal is simple: to increase jobs, incomes, and investments in creative places, and elevate the quality of life in Loveland.

Colorado ranks #1 in the percentage of residents who personally perform or create artworks, according to the National Endowment for the Art’s Participation Study.

The arts' financial impact in Colorado is over $16.3 Billion, which equates to 4.1% of Colorado’s Economy contributing to 108,462 Jobs. (Source: Colorado Business Committee for the Arts)

  1. Bill Reed Middle School
  2. Artspace
  3. CreatorSpace
  4. Artworks Loveland
  5. Pulliam Community Building
  6. Loveland High Plains Arts Council
  7. Loveland Museum | The Beet Education Center
  1. Rialto Theater
  2. Loveland Public Library
  3. Chilson Recreational Center
  4. Foote Lagoon Amphitheater
  5. Bronze Services of Loveland
  6. Fairgrounds Park
  7. Art Castings of Colorado

The boundaries and creative anchors are shown for general reference. Please see our Directory for all member listings.

The mission of the Loveland Creative District is to connect and support Loveland’s creative industries and vibrant artisan culture, enhancing our economy and quality of life.

Opportunity Abounds™

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